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Raffle sales will stop at the end of today, August 7. The drawings for the $100 Restaurant Gift Card Raffle and Artwork Raffle winners will happen on August 8, 2022. Winners will be notified on August 9, 2022. We are adding more restaurants to this raffle, so please keep checking back to see the updated list. There will be one gift card winner for each restaurant raffle, and seven artwork winners one for each artist.

Restaurants in this year's drawings ($100 Gift Card):
  • Big Fish/Rosenfelds

  • Cottage Cafe

  • DiFebo's (the restaurant)

  • Good Earth Market

  • Mancini's

  • off the hook

  • SoDel

  • Touch of Italy

  • The Cafe on 26

  • The Parkway

The Restaurant Raffle is random—so if you win one of the Restaurant Raffle Drawings you will be notified of which restaurant it is for! Each restaurant raffle is for a $100 Gift Card to that restaurant. It's all a surprise! 

Art Raffles:
  • Tara Funk Grim

  • Laura Hickman

  • Claire Howard

  • Wayne Lyons

  • Jeanne Mueller

  • Amanda Sokolski

  • Cheryl Wisbrock

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